Winter Antifreeze 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Many factors can affect a plant’s ability to harden off before cold weather. For example, late summer or early fall nitrogen fertilization can stimulate the production of new growth, which will be too lush and tender to survive. By withholding nitrogen applications so that stimulation does not occur, the plant’s carbohydrate (sugar) reserves can go into storage, allowing the plant tissues to withstand cold temperatures better (sugars accumulate in the tissues and act like an antifreeze, lowering the temperature needed for the water in the tissues to freeze). Heavy fruit load can also deplete these reserves so it’s important to maintain healthy foliage after the crop has been harvested to promote extended carbohydrate accumulation in the plant. A healthier canopy after harvest means the plant can continue photosynthesis in order to store more carbohydrates over its dormancy period resulting in healthier plant and more consistent growth in the spring.

Foley Family Wines has applied Andaman Ag foliar fertilizers (Agrostim and Supergrow)  as part of their overall fertilization program starting early in the season and they’ve witnessed a substantial improvement in the health of their vines and canopies at post harvest. Al Wagner, Vice President of Vineyards, stated that, “our vineyards treated with Andaman Ag foliar fertilizers were much greener and healthier after harvest than surrounding vineyards, the difference was night and day. We plan to use Andaman Ag foliar fertilizers on all of our vineyards next season.” Mr. Wagner also stated, “that in areas where Red Blotch was a problem, the disease had expressed itself less where Agrostim was applied. Finally, and maybe most significant, we had over historical average yields where we applied Andaman Ag products.”

Our Supergrow foliar fertilizer (6-2-12) and Agrogen 7-7-7 fertilizer for fertigation are excellent post harvest applications along with our compost teas that will help the vines get the most out the soil nutrients available.