A unique aspect of our products given their organic base is that they can be mixed with most anything allowing the farmer to incorporate our product into their particular spraying regime. They can be mixed with fungicides, anti-mildews, sulfur, calcium, boron, zinc, etc. without any negative impact on the mixed product performance, our product’s performance or the plant itself. Our products compatibility with other applications means that there doesn’t have to be a separate labor cycle added just to apply our products and they can be integrated with the established spraying practices or be applied via fertigation or through the drip system.

We haven’t had any issues with compatibility including low volumes sprays at 20 gallons per acre all the way up to higher volumes at 100 gallons per acre.

Our ideal recommendation is 1 to 1.5 lbs. of our dry foliar fertilizer products per 50 gallons per acre per application depending on the soil condition and overall health of the plants. We recommend 4-6 applications per growing season (2 prior to bloom and 4 after). Or looking at it another way, we would like to see our customers apply 4-6 lbs. of product per acre per season and depending on the spraying frequency, our ratio of product to water volume may be modified with less product being used per application as the spraying frequency increases. We would not recommend diluting our product less than ½ lb. per 50 gallons.