Seaweed is an excellent way to fortify perennial crops, helping to build up reserves for next season’s growth. There are many seaweed products available on the market and there’s good reason for it as they do a very good job promoting plant and root growth. However, the real value of seaweed is learning to use it in combination with other products as it contains alginic acid and mannitol which are carbohydrates with tremendous chelating ability. Minerals can be seven to ten times more plant-available in chelated form.

Alginic acid has been shown to have the ability to improve the crumb structure and water holding characteristics of soil as they decompose more readily than, for example, land plants composed of cellulose. This rapid decomposition provides food for microbes further improving the organic matter in the soil.

Our foliar fertilizers (Agrostim, Supergrow, Agroprime) are composed of complex macro, micro nutrients and trace elements are also formulated with seaweed to improve performance. Our bioflavonoid product, CropBioLife, is a secondary metabolite but works better when combined with a seaweed product. We offer a 100% pure organic seaweed extract powder called Aquasap (0-0-35) that’s easy to use and cost effective.

Most, if not all, of our crop protocols involve the use of seaweed in some capacity including post harvest and why not, its use in agriculture has been around since the 14th century.

As always, I’m happy to talk more with you about our products and the benefits of sustainable growing practices.