Crop: Tea
Result: Increased tea yields and elimination of pathogens
Location: Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Large-scale field studies in Vietnam compared Agrostim organic based fertilizer (20 liters/ha) to Growers standard NPK synthetic chemical fertilizers (= Control A). Three Agrostim regimens were used: a) foliar spray only, b) soil-fed only and c) foliar spray and soil-fed combined application. After two months, the tea “yields” increased from the control, which was 3.33 kg/plot, as follows: a) foliar only 4.03 kg/plot (+21%), b) soil-fed only 4.23 kg/plot (+27%) and c) Agrostim combination application 5.36 kg/plot (+61%). Each plot was 50 m2.

For 3 major pathogens/parasites, gray spot (Phyllosticta sp.), black rot (Ceratobasidium sp. & Corticium sp.) and root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne sp.), Agrostim treated plants showed no disease/parasitism at all, whereas NPK treated tea plants displayed “moderate damage.”