Crop: Strawberries
Result: Increased of primary and secondary root growth, crown foliage, and product shelf life as well as overall crop yield
Location: Cundinamarca, Columbia

Strawberry plants treated with Agrostim saw an increase of primary and secondary root growth that exceeded 50%, increases in crown foliage of more than 50%, 38% greater yield and an increase of shelf-life by 12 days over the control.

Species: Fragaria sp. – Strawberry
Cultivar: Chandler
Location: La Victoria Finca, Municipio de Tenjo, Depto. de Cundinamarca Colombia
Altitude: 2,600 meters, Ave. temp. – 120C.
Dates: 29 May 1997 – 30 July, 1997
Test Area: 1,000 m2 with a total of 5,700 plants
Agrostim: 8 kg/ha Agrostim soil applied in 2 increments – drip irrigation
Standard: 250 kg/ha 10-20-20 (NPK) chemical fertilizer – drip irrigation