Silk – White Mulberry – (Dâu Tam)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crop: Silk
Result: Increased plant height, diameter and number of leaves per stem.
Location: Lamdong Province, Vietnam

Large scale independent controlled field studies have been completed in Vietnam to investigate potential improvement of the yield and overall “quality” of White Mulberry leaves for consumption by silkworm caterpillars. Besides the excellent plant increases in leaf material biomass, the researchers found that silkworm caterpillars feeding on Agrostim treated leaves had a significant decrease in caterpillar mortality (from 18% to 2%), a significant shorting of the larval period by 25%, larvae and cocoons larger by an average of 30%, an increase in silk yield per caterpillar by approximately 30%, and a silk product that was of higher quality in terms of taking and holding color dyes.

Table 1. Effect of application of Agrostim on White Mulberry one month growth & yields.

Treatments Plant Height Plant Diameter No. Leaves/Stem

Soil Only @ 20 l/ha 59 cm (+16%) 5.4 mm (+17%) 15 (+25%)
Soil + Foliar @ 20 l/ha 63 cm (+22%) 6.0 mm (+30%) 17 (+42%)
Foliar Only @ 20 l/ha 54 cm (+7%) 5.0 mm (+9%) 13 (+8%)
Control (Normal NPK) 51 cm 4.6 mm 12