Crop: Rose
Result: Recognized cost-benefit and product appearance of using Agrostim relative to other products
Location: Guang Dong Province, China (PRC)

To study the fertilizer effects of Agrostim™ organic based fertilizer on ornamental flowers; studies were initiated in January 1997 at the Agriculture Science Research Institute for Flowers – Guang Dong Province, the Peoples Republic of China. These extensive tests were conducted with various species of Rosaeae to ascertain the optimal Agrostim dilutions for maximum plant growth and flower yields.

Testing Protocol:

The testing protocol consisted of several Agrostim dilutions of 200:1, 400:1, 600:1, 800:1, and 1,000:1 in water and foliar applied three times at weekly intervals versus the standard synthetic fertilizer regime of ammonium phosphate. Each treatment consisted of 25 individual plants in 20 cm clay flower pots with 4.5 kg of soil in each.

Summary and Conclusions:

The rose plants tested clearly showed a positive growth in the plants and the flowers at serial dilutions of Agrostim, even down to a very low concentration of 800:1 to 1000:1 dilutions. The standard recommended dilutions for Agrostim range between 300:1 and 400:1.

In comparison with the standard recommended fertilizer application rates, “Agrostim” organic based fertilizer benefits from a lower dilution applied via foliar application more frequently.
The results of this study further increase the “cost-benefit” ratios of Agrostim utilization when compared to other products, especially the dangerous synthetic chemical fertilizers. Obtaining excellent study results at an 800:1 dilution will allow the Agrostim to cover more area, cutting the farmers fertilizer costs by as much as 50%.
In comparison with the conventional fertilization, the “Agrostim” organic based fertilizer effects in terms of the plant heights of the ornamental leaf plant Tiandong reached the outstanding level of remarkableness.
The “Agrostim” fertilizer is easy to apply, is non-poisonous and effectively odorless. In can be used in big guest houses, hotels, and on large flower gardens and farms.
An active organization should be set up to popularize Agrostim’s application in general “Flower Cultivation” in the Peoples Republic of China.