Red Blotch Suppression

Friday, November 4, 2016

We’ve previously mentioned Thyme Guard a new, innovative product that’s an organic virucide, fungicide, insecticide and bactericide.  We discovered Thyme Guard from colleagues in Florida that had heard that the product was making positive inroads on the effects HLB or Citrus Greening

We were intrigued by a product that could be used in a number of capacities, required no EPA registration and was systemic. Our thinking was that if it could address the effects of HLB, it might have some positive impact on grapevines viruses like Red Blotch and Leafroll-associated virus 3.

One of our growers, Caldwell Vineyards, was seeing a rapid increase in Red Blotch expression in August and was very concerned about the consequences (i.e. sugar and anthocyanin decline). They gave us the opportunity to apply Thyme Guard in combination with our other foliar applications, Supergrow (Ecotech’s complex foliar), CalciMax (NutriAg Calcium) and MagMax (NutriAg Magnesium).

First, let me clearly state that one, we don’t have university studies on the use of Thyme Guard on Red Blotch or Leafroll 3 but we’re working on the process and two, we don’t have enough trials of the product to substantially demonstrate its true effectiveness.

We do, however, have testimonial from Jesus Espinoza the Vineyard Manager of 20+ years for Caldwell Vineyards that’s stated the following:

  • The progression of Red Blotch expression stopped after 4 days of application
  • Brix levels continued to increase even on the “marked” infected vines
  • Overall brix targets were achieved including the infected vines
  • Red bloch expression over a 14 day period showed no change
  • After 2 applications, over a 1 month period showed no change
  • The entire block that was sprayed with Thyme Guard was harvested. The last 2 years, the Red Blotch was so bad that segments within the block were not harvested

Please follow this link to Jesus’s video testimonial posted on YouTube:  Andaman-Ag  – Caldwell Red Blotch 2016

Next season, we’re recommending to all of our growers that they rotate Thyme Guard in with their fungicide program. You’re also getting an insecticide against small sucking insects (mites, whitefly, aphids, etc.) and finally, a potential means to mitigate the effects of Red Blotch and Leafroll. Seems like a no brainer.