Vermigrow Compost Tea

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vermigrow Stable Earthworm Compost Tea is unique in its structure:

• Compost used as the base for our compost tea is from green waste that has been thermophillicly composted (certified) to eliminate potential pathogens;
• The thermophillicly cleansed compost is then fed to earthworms for them to further break down the compost, add additional microbial diversity and add their own exudates that provide beneficial plant growth factors;
• Most other compost teas are made from manures or food waste products, both of which can result in pathogens being included in their teas and lower quality and diversity of microbial populations;
• Our compost microbial extract is then fed with a proprietary formula (FertiBOOST microbial food package is also available for purchase to combine with compost tea applications);
• The microbes are brewed using a proprietary intensive aerobic process to avoid development of potentially harmful anaerobic microbes;
• Many other compost teas are made using an anaerobic process and utilize simple sugars as a food source which can result in the development of pathogenic (e.g. E-coli and Salmonella) microbes, plant toxins and microbial populations which only can feed on simple sugars which don’t readily exist in the soil;
• The microbial population in our tea is put into stasis using a proprietary process;
• Once in stasis, the microbial population is very durable and our stable tea is guaranteed for 1 year shelf life while fresh compost tea must be used within three days of delivery;
• Our long shelf life stable compost tea means you can buy large lots for lower costs and use the same lot number for reporting all season long (fresh tea requires new lot numbers for each application);
• Stable tea comes with a large amount of microbial exudates already built up in it so response of the plants is almost immediate after application;
• Fresh tea needs time to build these exudates in the soil so it is slower acting on the plant;
• Our stable compost teas are lab tested to ensure they are pathogen free prior to product shipping while other fresh teas (if tested) only receive lab results after the product has already been applied.

VermigrowTM Stable Earthworm Compost Tea benefits:
• Improves soil structure and porosity, which improves soil oxygen exchange for healthier roots;
• Increases soil water infiltration rates which reduces erosion, runoff and ponding of water;
• Improves soil moisture holding capacity of lighter textured soils;
• Improves soil Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) which improves nutrient retention and availability;
• Increases nutrient uptake efficiency through mineralization of nutrients into plant available forms;
• Supplies high quality organic matter to the soil and plants;
• Supplies beneficial microorganisms which improve disease suppression;
• Stimulates vigorous root growth and buffers soil pH;
• Reduces transplant stress and improves plant’s ability to withstand moisture stress;
• Provides vital plant nutrients and plant growth factors; and,
• Increases yield and improves crop quality

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