Thyme Guard

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thyme oil has been known and recognized throughout history to fight some of the most aggressive bacteria, viruses, fungus and nematodes. Thyme Guard is a new, innovative product that’s an organic virucide, fungicide, insecticide and bactericide.

The introduction of organic fungicides, nemacides, pesticides, bactericides and virucides allows growers much greater flexibility to their application. In addition, these organic products introduce new biology to crops, creating diversity which leads to improved efficiency of conventional crop protection products.

Thyme Guard’s Mode of Action includes:

  • Cell wall membrane disturbance
  • ATP loss due to disturbed membrane
  • Effect on protein synthesis
  • Reduction of pH
  • Intracytoplasmic changes
  • Quorum sensing disruption
  • Antibacterial mode of action
  • Anti fungal mode of action

Thyme Guard has had some success in mitigating the effects of Red Blotch for our customers. While we don’t have university studies supporting our success in mitigating Red Blotch, we do have real world applications that have proven to be very interesting and exciting in their results.  In 2017, we have instigated trial in an effort to replicate the positive results produced last season using Thyme Guard on Red Blotch positive vines.

We also have testimonial from Jesus Espinoza the Vineyard Manager of 20+ years for Caldwell Vineyards that’s stated the following:

  • The progression of Red Blotch expression stopped after 4 days of application
  • Brix levels continued to increase even on the “marked” infected vines (shown below)
  • Overall brix targets were achieved including the infected vines
  • Red bloch expression over a 14 day period showed no change (shown below)
  • After 2 applications, over a 1 month period showed no change
  • The entire block that was sprayed with Thyme Guard was harvested. The last 2 years, the Red Blotch was so pervasive that segments within the block were not harvested

Please follow this link to Jesus’s video testimonial posted on YouTube:  Andaman-Ag  – Caldwell Red Blotch 2016

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