Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A liquid fulvic acid extract (or in some states a Humic acid derivative) from an exclusive seam of Leonardite shale which is a natural source of humic substance and trace elements.

Due to its unique molecular structure and chelating properties, Fulvistim™ readily enters plant tissues transporting with it any added nutrient, defoliant, contact herbicide, Gibberellins and trace elements directly to metabolic sites in plant cells. This highly efficient exchange capacity results in maximum uptake by the plant and may often reduce the application rate typically recommended for many products.

When used as an independent foliar spray, Fulvistim™ may promote bloom and fruit set, and stimulate root growth along with many other functions. Fulvistim™ is 8% fulvic acid extract. The State of California does not recognize fulvic acid so the product is registered as a .01% humic acid derivative. OMRI listed.

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