Sunday, May 31, 2015

The FertiZONE products all contain 4 different species of mycorrhizae.  Mycorrhizae (Myco) are beneficial fungi that have some unique characteristics.  It has a symbiotic relationship with more than 90 percent of the plants on earth.  It is a large fungus that can expand the effective root zone of a plant by more than 100 percent.  It can mine phosphorous and water that are unavailable to the plant.  It transports minerals and water back to the plant in exchange for exudates (food) provided by the plant.  A well inoculated plant is much more efficient in its water use

All of the FertiZONE products also contain a blend of 10 other microbes (3 beneficial fungi and 7 beneficial bacteria).  The microbial populations in FertiZONE are in a much higher concentration than any other competitive product.  In addition, the formulations of FertiZONE all contain a nutrient package designed to promote maximum microbial population growth.  Also included in the formulations are ingredients that the microbes will use to metabolize plant growth regulators, hormones, and plant growth factors.

FertiZONE comes in four forms.  Two are Wettable Powders one is organic certified and one is conventional.  The difference is only the nitrogen source.  The other two are granular forms one of which is also organic and the other conventional.  Again, the only difference between the two is the nitrogen source.

An alternative to FertiZONE WP is to use the FertiZONE Granular form sprinkled in the new planting hole just before planting.  We have hand units that can meter the proper amount into the hole.  Use rate is 10 pounds per acre.

FertiZONE is designed to re-populate, promote the colonization of microbes in the root zone. It includes a dozen species of specifically selected microbes. By re-establishing a balanced microbial population in the root zone, FertiZONE enhances plant health; harvest quality; reduces plant stress and reduces fertilizer and irrigation requirements. In most cases, at least a 25% reduction in fertilizer use and 20 to 25% less water. FertiZONE can add one hundred times (100x) more microbes into your soil than any other product on the market. It’s sold as a Wettable Powder to go through the drip system. Mycorrhizae are obligant symbionts with the plant, they:

  • Colonize the roots of the plant
  • Act as microscopic root hairs (200x smaller than a root hair)
  • Mine water from soil interstitial spaces the root hairs cannot reach
  • Increase N and P uptake for the plant
  • Function as predators of nematodes

FertiZONE WP is offered in conventional and organic forms.

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