Sunday, May 31, 2015

CROPBIOLIFE is a patented plant foliar spray that significantly improves plant health.

CROPBIOLIFE contains one of nature’s strongest bio – flavonoids extracted from the pulp of bitter orange, which are classified as secondary plant metabolites. These, along with our other ingredients have proven in research to:

  1. Improve disease resistance
  2. Improve ripening and colour – particularly flavour profile.
  3. Help improve skin strength and fruit quality.

CropBiolife is 100% natural, and has been submitted for organic certification in the USA, which it currently enjoys in 3 countries – 97% of our customers however are conventional growers, they just use it because it works. The product is sold worldwide having it’s origin in the wine grape industry in Australia.

CROPBIOLIFE contains a bioflavonoid complex and is marketed as a nutrient synergist. It fits well in the burgeoning Biostimulants market. Bioflavonoids exist in almost all plants.

CROPBIOLIFE delivers bioflavonoids blended to be readily absorbed by plants to augment their own supply. The additional, readily available bioflavonoids boost the plants abilities to better assimilate balanced nutrition from the soil or foliar fertilizers. Field trials conducted around the globe have demonstrated significant yield increases in food crops, improved flavor & quality as well as significant reductions in crop loss due to plant stress from environmental

Benefits of Natural CROPBIOLIFE:

  • Enhance Photosynthesis – increased turgor. Plants must maintain their internal water pressure, or turgor pressure, to keep stems rigid and leaves expanded to the sunlight. This means that water must be available to the plant whenever it needs it. If water isn’t available, cells collapse and the plant wilts.
  • Activates natural defense system. Provides protection against various plant diseases as well as having an apparent role in plant stress defense such as in protection against damage caused by pathogen attack, in wounding or in excess of UV-light.
  • Crucial role in symbiotic plant microbe interactions. Nodule formation of nitrogen fixing bacteria in leguminous plants and interaction with other beneficial soil microbes.
  • Low incidence of pathogens. High concentration of the actives of CropBioLife resulted in less pathogens in fruits and therefore more resistant to fungal decay. (Proven in Tomatoes, Plums, Peaches and Grapes).
  • Assists plants to grow in adverse environments. Acts as a mechanism by acting as an anti-oxidant to assist the plant with drought stress, frost hardiness as well as helping plants to adapt in soil with toxic metals such as Aluminum.
  • Improved plant health and yields. Overall health of the plant improved reflected in increased Brix, increased flower numbers, better fruit set and less fruit drop.
  • 90% less sucking insects found. After CropBioLife has been applied present aphids were also infected with a natural fungus. Sucking insects tend to feed from tissues such as the phloem, which are generally low in flavonoids and thus they will normally only encounter high level while probing (penetrating) the plant tissue and not while feeding.
  • Increased nutrient value. Increased calcium, vitamins and sugars in fruits.
  • Increased shelf life. CropBioLife pre-harvest application plays a major role in post-harvest resistance of fruits and vegetables
  • Improved uptake of nutrients. Works with other nutrients, fungicides to improve the uptake to the plant as well as deriving greater benefits from other fertilizers.

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