C-210 Composting Accelerator™

Sunday, May 31, 2015

C-210 is a free-flowing brown powder containing a unique formulation of bacillus and other bacteria in a proprietary stimulator complex of organic nutrients and specialized enzymes derived from fish and poultry hydrolysates. Each pound (454 grams) of C-210 contains over 200 billion (200 x 109) viable microbial spores and over 200 grams of accelerator nutrient blend.

C-210 accelerates the composting process and reduces the time required to produce finished compost. In addition, C-210 directs the microbial community within the compost mass – favoring beneficial microbials while discriminating against pathogenic and putrefactive species.

Mixing various materials to form a pre-compost mixture that has a favorable carbon – to – nitrogen (C:N) ratio is an important step toward optimizing the composting process. Since C-210 contains enzymes and organic nutrients, it can feed its own microbial populations in a “starter meal”, thereby functioning over a wider range of C:N ratios than other products currently on the market. A C:N range of between 20:1 and 40:1 is fully acceptable while 25:1 and 30:1 ratios remain optimal.

The following C:N ratios for various organic materials can be used as a guide:

Material C:N Material C:N
Green Leaves 40:1 Manure 15:1
Brown Leaves 80:1 Kitchen Scraps 15:1
Cornstalks 60:1 Alfalfa (Green) 13:1
Straw 80:1 Alfalfa (Hay) 12:1
Sawdust 500:1 Grass Clippings 19:1

For example, mixing 2 parts manure with 1 part cornstalks would achieve a desirable 30:1 ratio that would respond well to inoculation with C-210.

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