Golf Courses

Agroturf™ has been specifically formulated to give turf grasses on tees, fairways, and greens exceptional lush green color, increased density of grass, increased resistance to pedestrian traffic, improved moisture and nutrient retention, and increased resistance to stress damage from sun, cold, disease, nematodes, insect attack, and/or poor golf course maintenance.

Fortunately, grasses maintained by proper cultural practices (irrigating, mowing, fertilizing, etc.) are not likely to be as severely damaged as are grasses not receiving proper care. Agroturf™ has been used to address high leaf burn areas caused by the overuse of Urea.

Nitrogen is by far the most important for turf grasses. Nitrogen shortages can cause slow growth, yellowing of the plants, thinning out of the turf, and increased incidence of some specific diseases. Excessively high levels of nitrogen can, however, lead to excessive shoot and leaf growth, reduced root growth, low carbohydrate reserves, increased susceptibility to environmental stresses, including disease and insect damage.

The form in which nitrogen is presented to turf grasses is extremely important. For example, the inorganic fertilizers (e.g. ammonium sulfate, etc.) and synthetic organic fertilizers (e.g. urea) are relatively inexpensive products but have high leaf burn potentials. These chemicals are generally quick release products. Urea additionally contains biurets (imidodicarbonic diamides) which are a known source of point mutations involved with some forms of cancer.

Agroturf™ special organic based balanced mineral formulation provides an optimized NPK and micronutrients which release their nitrogen and other essential nutrients at a slower rate and have no leaf burn potentials. Agroturf™ stimulation of primary and secondary root growth assures a more efficient utilization of water. This significantly reduces the amount of irrigation water required which preserves an important natural resource and reduces the potential run-off of fertilizers into the surrounding streams, rivers, and/or drinking water aquifers.

Agroturf™ is excellent on non-turf course areas to enhance tree and plant growth around fairways and the clubhouse.

Application Recommendations:

For proper application of Agroturf™ to turf grass and/or golf courses, it is essential to have some knowledge of the cultural practices currently being utilized by the golf course superintendents. This information includes a soil analysis, irrigation schedules and frequency, mowing methods and schedules, current fertilizers utilized and rates of application, current application rates and schedules for insecticides, fungicides, nematosides, and related pest management chemicals.

Agroturf™ is a highly concentrated growth stimulator and fertilizer that is absorbed by the turf’s foliage within the first few hours following application. Sufficient time, four to six hours, must be allowed following application to be free from irrigation or rain.

Agroturf™ can be applied via standard applicator spray rig equipment, drip systems, and fertigation systems. Generally, one gallon of Agroturf™ concentrate is used for each 25,000 ft2 of tees and greens and one gallon per 40,000 feet2 of fairways treated. It is recommended that each gallon of Agroturf™ concentrate be completely mixed with 150 gallons of water for spray application. The above application should be repeated on a weekly schedule depending on the overall “health” of the course. As the secondary roots begin to develop the amount of water required for irrigation will be reduced.

Agroturf™ Concentrate: Thoroughly mix 3 pounds (15 cups) of Agroturf™ powder in 1 gallon of water. Use same day as mixed.