Andaman Ag is pleased to introduce Pacific Gro, a unique oceanic cold processed hydrolysate combining salmon and micronized crab and shrimp shell in a fertilizer that delivers an organic source of N, P, K and Calcium, as well as a great range of other nutrients, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins. The low temperature processing protects the amino acids, vitamins, hormones and enzymes. The naturally occurring enzymes and vortex action digests the shells and fish bones into a fine colloidal suspension. Chitin from the shell material becomes micronized and bio-activated and then acts as a chelator of nutrients.

The benefits of Pacific Gro fit well into a post-harvest fertilizer program:

  • nutrients including nitrogen, are in organic, protein, non-leaching forms.
  • stimulates soil microbiology which will release nutrients in the spring as well as the fall before the plant goes dormant.
  • contains multiple micronutrients which enhance bud set.
  • boasts high calcium availability and also stimulates soil microbiology to release calcium to the plant

Here’s what growers have to say about using Pacific Gro:

We believe it is extremely important to provide post harvest nutrition to our blueberry and blackberry crops. Pacific Gro keeps our leaves healthy as we move into the dormancy period. This enhances photosynthesis which allows more carbohydrates to be stored in the plant reserves bringing us closer to maximum crop potential the following season as well as improving soil micro-biological activity. – Jason Berry, Alpine Fresh, Georgia and Florida

We farm avocados and citrus in southern California. After harvest we are still carrying next year’s crop on the tree so post-harvest fertilization is very important, especially for sizing. Using Pacific Gro gives us that extra energy that hopefully tips the balance towards reproductive in the build up to senescence in the early fall. Our harvest is over by late summer but we want to continue giving the trees as much energy as possible into the fall so that they will set more flower for next year’s late summer crop. We have found that feeding small doses Pacific Gro over the winter allows both trees to really hit the ground running in the spring. – Andy Sheaffer, Vista Punta Gorda Ranch, Ventura County, California

Many growers think that their job of taking care of their fertility programs for their perennial crops is done at the end of harvest until the following spring. This is totally wrong. After harvest the plant is very low on energy and needs to prepare for winter, stock piling carbohydrates (sugar) to get through the winter and initial spring and new growth. Also these “sugars” act as antifreeze when it gets cold and will help the plant get though freezing conditions. Many growers experience “alternating years” where they have a heavy crop one year and a light crop the next. This is a perfect example of a lack of energy post harvest. After harvest, if the plant is short of energy it will take the low road and go in to vegetative the following year. Conversely if the plant has adequate energy in the fall it will produce a heavy crop the following year. I’ve experienced this situation many times until I started understanding the energy needs of the plant. Now that I feed post harvest I consistently have good yields with high quality (nutrient density) every year without winter damage. I accomplish this by applying a couple of soil applications us Pacific Gro along with minerals and other carbon sources. This gets the soil biology revved up which in turn recharges the plant. Often the results will be subtle in the fall and very obvious in the spring. – Bob Wilt, Sunset Valley Organics / Western Aglands

Andaman-AG will be providing free shipping for any tote (265 gal.) orders of Pacific Gro initiated prior to September 16, 2016.  Call me directly at (415) 785-7325 to obtain product pricing and schedule your delivery.