Navel Oranges

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crop: Navel Oranges
Result: Produced a 45% to 48% increase in the yield of fruit per hectare over control
Location: Tartus, Syria

Fig.1 – Foliar application of Agrostim on Navel Orange trees, Tartus, Syria.

Testing Protocol

Agrostim organic based fertilizer was sprayed on mature Navel Orange trees 3 times at 1 month intervals starting before flower budding. Agrostim was applied as a foliar spray at a rate of 8 pounds of Agrostim per hectare dissolved in 200 gallons of water for a yearly total of 24 pounds of Agrostim/hectare/year.

Intercropped young trees received a foliar application of Agrostim of 10 pounds of Agrostim per hectare 3 times at 1 month intervals for a total of 30 pounds of Agrostim/hectare/year.

Foliar feeding, which involves spraying water-soluble fertilizer onto the leaf surface of the plant, addresses the immediate needs of a growing crop, as opposed to long-term soil deficiencies.

Fig. 2 – Intercropping vegetables between young citrus trees to increase land utilization and Increase overall farm revenues.

Control trees were utilized in equal quadrate sizes. Control trees received only the standard fertilizer regime used in the local area. Tree growth, health, fruit yields and qualities were compared between the Agrostim treated and control areas.

Fig. 3 – Mature stand of Navel oranges after foliar application with Agrostim. Tartus, Syria.

Summary and Conclusions

Overall, navel orange trees treated with Agrostim produced a 45% to 48% increase in the yield of fruit per hectare over the controls in 10 hectare field trial areas. Fruit quality was improved such that the Agrostim treated oranges received a 21% increase in price per kilogram in local agricultural markets.

Agrostim treated “young” trees showed a 11% increase in growth of stem and leaves, with a richer green leaf color and a significant reduction in insect predation and bacterial/fungal attack over control plants.

Fig. 4 – First Year Yield Increase of 48%, Tartus, Syria, April 1997.

Fig. 5 – Higher quality, Agrostim-treated Navel oranges brought a 21% price increase at local wholesale markets and lots exported to the European Union.