WISEarth Organics LLC

WISEarth Organics, based in Dallas, Texas, is poised to become a leader in the production of organic fertilizer products. The company and its scientists have worked tirelessly for over seven years to develop some of the best organic inputs for the market. Their products are Certified Organic in the United States. Washington State’s Department of Agriculture (WSDA) verified that the products meet the program standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organics Program (NOP).

WISEarth specialty soil products focus on the restoration of the soil biology. The goal of the product combinations are to restore soil biology to the levels of a “green field.” Products possess expansive and diverse microbial populations to help plants process what’s already in the soil as well as improve the uptake efficiency process for the plant. In addition, they offer products with mycorrhizae to help to expand the root zone and improve water usage.

FERTIZONE (conventional and organic)

FertiZONE is designed to re-populate, promote the colonization of microbes in the root zone. It includes a dozen species of specifically selected microbes. By re-establishing a balanced microbial population in the root zone, FertiZONE enhances plant health; harvest quality; reduces plant stress and reduces fertilizer and irrigation requirements. In most cases, at least a 25% reduction in fertilizer use and 20 to 25% less water. FertiZONE can add one hundred times (100x) more microbes into your soil than any other product on the market. It’s sold as a Wettable Powder to go through the drip system. Mycorrhizae are obligant symbionts with the plant, they:

  • Colonize the roots of the plant
  • Act as microscopic root hairs (200x smaller than a root hair)
  • Mine water from soil interstitial spaces the root hairs cannot reach
  • Increase N and P uptake for the plant
  • Function as predators of nematodes

We also sell a derivative product of FertiZONE called FertiZONE WPX that is minus the mycorrhizae but still packs a tremendous microbial punch.

FERTIBOOST (conventional and organic)

FertiBOOST can be used as a soil improver and as a foliar spray. Is a microbial food package to support and build the microbial population composed of complex of humic acids, organic acids, surfactants, proprietary formulated minerals, vitamins, plant growth factors and enzymes that greatly stimulates microbial activity.

Soil Improver
When Boost is used as a soil improver, it stimulates microbial growth in the soil, provides plant growth factors, increases root volume, and makes the transfer of nutrients and water from the soil to the plant more efficient. Both slow release and fast release fertilizers get to the plant more rapidly. That helps growers cut costs and increase yields.

Foliar Spray
Boost can also be used as a foliar spray. When diluted at least twenty to one in water, it directly provides nutrients, hormones, vitamins, plant growth factors, and enzymes. Boost penetrates leaf surfaces providing minerals to the plant through the leaf, reduces surface tension of the leaf, and increases the absorption of any foliar nutrients applied as part of the spray application.

Our products deliver more microbes per $ than any competing microbial product, e.g. FertiZONETM has many more microbes per $ than other microbial products

  • 2,603,795 times more per $ than Accomplish
  • 2,479,810 times more per $ than Titan
  • 127,637 times more per $ than Ace
  • 143 times more per $ than Serenade Soil

FertiZONE WP and Granular: FertiZONE is an excellent product to use for struggling vines or new plantings. For new plantings, the product can accelerate crop growth and stability. There is also studies that show once the mycorrhizal occupy the root zone, it’s much more difficult for nematodes to do the same. For example, FertiZONE Granular is applied at a rate of 4 ounces (1/2 cup) per new vine stock.

FertiBOOST is often used in complement with Metagrow Compost Teas as it supercharges the teas by providing additional feed to the microbes and helping to breakdown the soils for improved and expanded nutrient uptake by the plant.