Sustainable Growing Solutions, LLC

Sustainable Growing Solutions (SGS), LLC is an innovator in the production of specialized compost teas. These products are developed by farmers for farmers.  The product formulations are the result of 35+ years of crop production testing of the ingredients – real production use, not developed in a sterile lab or greenhouse.

Our goal with these products:

  • Restore a healthy, balanced and functioning microbial population relationship with the plant
  • Our products and crop programs are like IPM, but at a microbial scale
  • We are striving to recreate the soil productivity that virgin first time farmed ground has – highest yields, highest quality, and lowest pest and disease incidence

Why we’re different than other microbial products:

  •  Microbial product quality starts with the microbe source (earthworm compost or selected species lab cultured – no manures),
  • Our products use a “directed biology” approach through product formulation and control of:
    • Food quality and types
      • Make sure the food sources are readily available to the microbes,
      • Make sure all the building blocks needed for large microbial population growth are present (address all potential limiting factors),
      • Make sure that the microbial population is trained on food types it will naturally find in the soil – no simple sugars (e.g. molasses) EVER,
    • Selected enzymes to encourage or block off metabolic pathways to direct the function of the population,
    • Use of intense aeration to create aerobic habitat only – no anaerobes, and,
    • Use selected combinations of microbes (some perform much better if they are combined with specific other species).
  • Our products have very large populations of the right microbes, e.g. 1×104 – 1×107 /ml or gram,
  • Quality Control – in-house lab, third party lab microbial population characterization
  • Continuous improvement and innovation – our current products keep getting better and we have many exciting new products under development (mostly based on grower requests to solve specific real world production problems)
  • Food Safety/Quality Assurance – we can get test results for pathogens prior to shipping (fresh microbial products – all other compost teas – can’t do that)
  • Product documentation and tracking – each batch is uniquely numbered and is documented for every production step from the first production step to delivery, all records are kept for 5 years
  • All of our products come in both organic and conventional production formulations and registrations (OMRI, CDFA, WSDA organic certifications depending on the product)