NutriAg USA Ltd.

NutriAg Ltd. supplies nutrient products and agricultural adjuvants under our patents, trademarks and/or private label to distributors and dealers in Canada, USA, and Central America as well as several countries worldwide.

NutriAg Ltd. remains committed to supply agricultural distributors worldwide with cutting edge, highest quality agricultural chemicals and nutrients at competitive prices. NutriAg’s commitment is continued in its dedication to research, development, manufacture and marketing of state-of-the-art crop nutrients, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and spray adjuvants in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.

All NutriAg products are manufactured from the purest and highest quality grades of raw materials for optimum performance as well as crop and environmental safety. They offer either true solution liquids or fully soluble powders that are made from analytical, technical, or food grade ingredients.

NutriAg products are separated into four general categories according to their technical properties and their specific requirements and applications.

Max Range

For increasing macro and micronutrient levels in crops.

Max Line products incorporate NutriAg’s proven polyAldoCarbosate (PAC) chelation technology that delivers superior efficiency and the highest level of crop safety. The PAC chelation process is the key to the Max Range of products. Max-delivered nutrients help crops reach maximum yield and quality by penetrating the cuticle for rapid uptake and subsequent mobilization from cell to cell.

  • Highly effective true solutions liquid foliar products
  • Superior crop safety, performance and compatibility with other ag products
  • PAC carbohydrate chelating agents serve as an energy source for cells
  • Provides only the chelated nutrient and chelating agent: carbon, oxygen and hydrogen (the building blocks of all carbohydrates)
  • Most do not contain nitrate, sulfate, chloride, or sodium


BoronMax: 8.1%

BudMax: 2-0-5, 2% Zinc, 1% Manganese, 0.5% Boron, 0.05% Cobalt, 0.05% Molybdenum

CalciMax: 8% Calcium

CelluMax: 9% Potassium, derived from potassium silicate

CuMax: 4.2% Copper

FeMax: 4% Iron

K-Max Extra: 24% K2O

MagMax: 6% Magnesium

MangaMax: 5.5% Manganese

PentaMax: 4% Zinc, 2% Manganese, 0.5% Boron, 0.4% Copper, 0.1% Cobalt

ZincMax: 10.2% Zinc

ZincManMax: 5% Zinc, 2.7% Manganese, 0.5% Boron, 0.25% Molybdenum

TruPhos Range

Essential nutrients in plant available form. TruPhos Range is comprised of high phosphate liquid fertilizers that contain combinations of nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients in true solution form. These nutrients in TruPhos products are 100% plant available making these products well suited for foliar and ground applications.

The TruPhos line of orthophosphoric acid true solutions with sequestered major and/or micronutrients using Matrix OrthoDeprotonation (MOD) technology.

  • Most effective source of phosphorus – often the most limiting essential nutrient
  • Supplies phosphorus in a form that is directly metabolized by plants
  • Superior leaf absorption, nutrient mobility and bioavailability
  • For foliar or soil application


TruPhos Magnesium: 0-29-5, Magnesium

Phosphorus, potassium and magnesium are the right combination of essential elements to promote photosynthesis, sugar synthesis and sugar accumulation in sizing and ripening fruit.

TruPhos MeriStim: 0-23-3, 2.5% Calcium, 1% Zinc

Specifically formulated to stimulate cell division and calcium accumulation in both reproductive and vegetative meristems.

TruPhos Platinum:  5-18-2, 0.1% Boron, 0.1% Copper, 0.4% Iron, 0.4% Magnesium, 0.04% Manganese, 0.05% Molybdenum, 0.8% Zinc, 0.05% Cobalt

Formulated using MOD and CMM technologies to improve yields of annual crops by stimulating growth during vegetative and reproduction phases.

Plant Activation Range

Helping plants combat anticipated stress. These products contain nutrients and selected carbohydrates that together elicit positive plant responses and promote plant health. Foliar applications of Plant Activator products help with the production of plant defense compounds, such as phytoalexins, that prime the plant for future stress events.

NutriAg has designed a Plant Activator Line specifically to elicit physiological responses in plants that counteract different kinds of crop damaging stresses.  Active Cell Elicitor (ACE) with PAC technology or orthophosphoric acid.

  • Enhances yield and crop quality by improving stress tolerance
  • Elicits specific plant responses to counter environmental (abiotic) and disease (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), weeds and insects (biotic) stress
  • Stimulates root growth and development
  • True solution liquids unless otherwise indicated


Alexin: 0-0-8, 2.4% Calcium, 0.8% Magnesium, 0.2% Boron

  • Enhances plant stress tolerance by combining potassium, calcium, and magnesium with specific organic acids
  • Contains PAC chelation technology
  • Stimulates the production of phytoalexins

Maxi-Boost: 0-0-1.4, 1.05% Magnesium, 1.38% Sulphor, 0.25% Boron, 0.25% Copper, 0.5% Iron, 0.25% Manganese, 0.004% Molybdenum, 0.14% Zinc

  • Stimulates root growth and promotes increased root mass to enhance nutrient uptake efficiency

Maxi-Start: 7-14-7, 0.04% Boron, 0.05% Copper, 0.25% Manganese, 0.004% Molybdenum, 0.05% Zinc

  • Promotes early shoot and fruit development to maximize yield

KP Plus: 1-50-33: water soluble powder with organic acids

  • Water soluble nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate fertilizer with specific organic acids and wetters
  • Provides nutrients and yield enhancing synergy with fungicides

PhitaK: 0-46-11, containing potassium phosphate and potassium phosphite

  • Liquid potassium phosphate and potassium phosphite fertilizer
  • Stimulates the system acquired resistance pathway in plants to improve biotic stress tolerance

Lite Range

Our OMRI Listed Organic Line consists of true solutions and soluble powders that meet with USDA National Organic Program Standards. Specifically formulated natural plant derived carbohydrates act as an energy source for  plants. Products contain specific carbohydrates to help fight abiotic stress by improving crop tolerances to dry and adverse conditions. By reducing nutrient deficiencies, crop yields and quality are improved.

  • Increases nutrient levels in crops
  • Effective organic foliar application
  • Contains specifically selected unmodified carbohydrates
  • Enhanced safety, performance and compatibility
  • True solution liquids unless otherwise indicated


CalciMax Lite: 8.1% Calcium

CuMax Lite: 4% Copper

K-Max Lite: 14.5% K2O

MagMax Lite: 4% Magnesium, 0.5% Boron

MangaMax Lite: 5.5% Manganese, 0.5% Boron

NPK Lite 12-0-1: 12% Nitrogen, 1% Potash (fully soluble powder)

NPK Lite 5-0-20: 5% Nitrogen, 20% Potash (fully soluble powder)

SprayBor Lite: 16.5% Boron (fully soluble powder)

ZincMax Lite: 8.5% Zinc, 0.5% Boron