Earthworm Organics

For thousands of years, earthworms have been associated with healthy soils and bountiful crops. This is
both a cause and effect relationship. Earthworms are present because there is an ample supply of
beneficial microorganisms in the soil and the soil is in good physical condition. Earthworm compost is
the result of earthworms eating organic matter and soil microbes and, in the process, excreting castings
that contain beneficial microbes, hormones, vitamins, and plant growth factors.
Earthworm Organics uses earthworm castings from earthworms that have been fed organic matter that
has been pre-composted using a thermophillic process. That means that the earthworm food has been
heated at high temperatures for a specific amount of time. This eliminates pathogens and kills any
weed seeds that were in the organic matter. This compost is then fed to the earthworms. The worms
eat the composted matter and turn it into a very rich soil additive. These castings are blended with
green waste compost to ensure a diverse microbial population.
Earthworm Organics uses this castings/compost blend in its compost tea manufacturing process. The
blend is put into a proprietary extractor where it is mixed with water. The soluble solids and much of
the microbial population of the blend are extracted into fermentation tanks. In the fermentation tanks
a proprietary mix of microbial foods are added. By supplying ample oxygen and food, the microbial
population is greatly increased. The Earthworm Organics Compost Tea is “brewed” in the
fermentation tanks for an extended period of time to ensure the maximum population of a diverse
group of beneficial microbes. By utilizing our propriety brewing process the microbial population goes
into a stasis condition and remains dormant until they are fed a protein source. This Trade Secret
brewing process allows Earthworm Organics Compost Tea to become one of the most potent
shelf stable Compost Teas on the market and may be stored unopened for up to one year.

Earthworm Organics Compost Tea is available in both conventional or certified organic forms.