Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.

Bio-Catalyst, Inc. produces a line of proprietary product compositions, based upon its unique patented broad spectrum catalytic biochemistry, that establishes an entirely new platform technology for the chemical industry.

Their breakthrough bio-organic catalyst compositions (BOCs), are all manufactured to deliver the highest strength and quality biocatalysts, in highly concentrated liquid formulations. They provide a significant advancement over all other currently available chemicals, or biological agents, due to their total life cycle enhancement of the fundamental linkage between water and organic wastes, and are completely safe to use (USDA), or discharge into public waterways (US EPA). Our bio-catalytic compositions are able to provide significant performance levels unmatched by any other chemical, or biologically based, agents.

The product what we represent for the agricultural industry is called Phyto-Catalyst. 

Bio-Organic Catalyst manufacturers a product called Phyto-Catalyst that’s a revolutionary breakthrough in water and soil treatment. Phyto-Calalyst offers distinct and diverse benefits as a drip line cleaner, nutrient optimizer, molecular oxygen enhancer and biological soil conditioner.

This unique, highly oxygenated product:

  • cleans drip lines and filters from mineralization and biological film formation
  • acts as a extremely effective surfactant improving plant penetration and product performance
  • improves microbial health of soils, nutrient access, plant growth and water retention
  • eliminates bio films in the root systems and amends anaerobic soils
  • improves the plant capillary function and translocation of nutrients
  • saves water as there’s no need for a drip line flush
  • provides safe and non-toxic applications as it’s a bio-organic product!

Phyto-Catalyst can be used as an ongoing water treatment with an array of additional benefits.

Product Label for Phyto-Catalyst (PDF)


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