Ambrosia Technology

SEA-CROP is a very unique product that’s a concentrate containing an abundance of elements and minerals from seawater positively impacting the exchange capacity in soils through soil application and foliar induced exudation.

SEA-CROP acts as a catalytic trigger that releases nature’s energy to give the full benefit of soil microflora symbiosis. Soil microflora refers to the smallest soil organisms, including fungi and algae. The beneficial fungi and bacteria that are native and adapted to your soil are stimulated to grow and reproduce abundantly, accelerating the well documented benefits of microflora symbiosis.

Microflora also improves soil structure by producing humic compounds and organic “glues” (extracellular polysaccharides) that bind soils into aggregates and improve soil porosity. Soil porosity and soil structure positively influence the growth of plants by promoting aeration, water movement into soil, root growth and distribution.

SEA-CROP is a balanced formula from ocean water that has all the natural elements known to mankind. SEA-CROP stimulates the growth of soil organisms needed for the plant to be healthy and maximize its fruit or seed bearing potential.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved nutrient and water uptake
  • Improved root growth and crop health
  • Improved plant growth and yield
  • Enhanced soil tilth and microbial populations
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Reduced drought stress
  • Enhanced flavor profile
  • Increased size, weight and shelf life of fruits and vegetables