Agro Research International

Agro Research International (AGI) manufactures and distributes natural and organic pesticides, plant nutrition products to promote plant health, and animal probiotics. The company started in Columbia as part of a US, Canadian and Columbian initiative helping farmers transition from growing coca for illicit drugs to legal and profitable crops. Along the way the company conducted extensive research for natural extracts with fungicidal, bactericidal, insecticidal and nematicidal properties. Thyme Guard was developed in response to that research. Recently, the company has focused on tackling Citrus Greening in Florida, a virus that is devastating the industry. A trial with Thyme Guard and another product produced by AGI, Stim Guard, proved to be very successful resulting in an increase in yield of 46%, primarily due to no fruit drop. This caught the attention of growers and soon thereafter, the University of Florida, in conjunction with CRDF, began to study Thyme Guard as a potential solution for the disease.

AGI is now in full product expansion mode with the introduction of Nem Guard, a liquid chitosan solution with biologics, which can be injected in drip irrigation systems for nematode suppression and Osmo Plus, a betaines osmolytes for drought stress relief.