ANDAMAN AG is the Master Distributor for Ecotech LLC, WISEarth Organics, Aussan Laboratories, Sustainable Growing Solutions, LLC, Pacific Gro, AquaSap, and Nutri-Ag USA, Ltd. ANDAMAN AG works with manufacturers that share it’s vision of producing naturally derived fertilizers and amendments that are specifically designed to dramatically improve the health of the plant while helping to restore the proper soil biology. Our manufacturers possess a passion and belief that their products can make a real difference and our results bear this out.

Our products support biological agriculture.  The balanced relationship between the three aspects of the soil, namely the physical, chemical and biological to sustain life. Everything comes from the soil and returns to the soil, it is a living system alive with trillions of organisms that recycle nutrients and sustain life. Biological farming does not mean less production; it means eliminating obstacles to healthy, efficient production.

Good soil is a world of working microbes. One gram of soil can contain over ten million bacteria. Around the roots of a healthy growing plant a dense coating of microbes may contain a population of from 100 to 200 billion microbes. Microbes live in colonies and are very mobile. In their rapid life cycle from creation to death they develop tremendous metabolic activity and steadily improve the structure of the soil. Some microbes excrete antibiotics. They metabolize phosphorus and iron bonds which are difficult to dilute efficiently without this microbial activity. The earthy odor of the soil is due to them. They create two thirds of the soil carbons, attack cellulose and mineralize nutrients.

Many of the products that we offer have tremendous diversity in their microbial composition in order to have the best chance to complement local soil structures. These microbial processes are critical for conversion of nutrients into forms that can be utilized by plants. This natural microbial activity breaks down and transforms organic, mineral and gaseous compounds in the soil into elemental forms that provide the nutrients, vitamins and hormones for optimal plant growth, health, vigor, productivity and increased resistance to environmental stresses, such as drought and attacks by insects and pathogens.

What makes ANDAMAN AG different, is the positive impact that we have on all kinds of crops through the combination of our products. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to mix and match our products in the field and through that process, we’ve been able to refine how a specific combination of products can have the greatest influence on crop performance. Given the breadth of our product offerings and the fact that we provide both foliar sprays and soil applications, we can design plant health programs for any crop. For example, a combination of Agrostim (fertilizer foliar), FertiBOOST (provides boost to microbe population), Metagrow Compost Tea (intense microbe induction), CropBioLife (foliar flavonoid) and CalciMax (highly chelated calcium) has produced extraordinary crop outcomes.

We have worked with customers, for example, that have relied on other products for years until trialing and witnessing the results of our exceptional crop programs. Our programs, built around introducing and maintaining a healthy population of beneficial microbes in soils and on plant surfaces not only creates the building blocks for crop health and vitality but cultivates a protective type of environment that mitigates disease-causing organisms.

The true purpose of agriculture is to recycle life or capture the life factor from decomposing organic material and channel it into plant growth or growing new plants. Our products help to facilitate and accelerate this process. The organic matter that is waste, residue and metabolites from plants, animals and microbes is consumed by bacteria and fungi in the soil. The bacteria and fungi are then consumed by protozoa and nematodes providing nutrients into forms that plants can uptake.

The dynamic ecological cycling of energy, nutrients, water and life will continue in a stable state so long as the importance of these naturally occurring organic interactions are understood and thus, promoted, encouraged and popularized.