Fire Relief Offer for Northern California Growers

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Andaman Ag, Master Distributor for Creative Ag Products, Inc. (Pacific Gro) and Sustainable Growing Solutions (MetaGrow ST compost tea), is working directly with its generous suppliers to offer free and discounted products to those vineyards or orchards that have been burned or singed by the recent fires in Northern California.

We are offering IBC totes of Pacific Gro, a cold-processed hydrolysate of fish, shrimp and crab that provides macro- and micro-nutrients and very plant-available forms of calcium, for free.

We’re also offering our compost tea, MetaGrow ST, for a 50% discount to impacted growers. Metagrow ST is a highly biological compost tea made from worm castings, providing a broad spectrum and intense composition of microbes, and is also in IBC totes.

Both products will help vines recover from the fires and accelerate the improvement process over the dormant period and into next spring. The damage from the fires has severely stressed plants and, with little or no foliage remaining, the soil microbes have lost their food source. Both products play a vital role in facilitating carbohydrate and nutrient storage. In addition, the products are synergistic when used in combination, as Pacific Gro provides food for the microbes in MetaGrow ST. We recommend a rate of 5 gallons of each product per acre to vines that have been affected by the fires and a rate of 2 gallons per acre of each product on areas that were not directly affected.

The offer is limited to supply on hand, up to 4 totes per vineyard with priority given to our current customers. The offer does not include shipping and we encourage local growers to bring in their own totes to fill at our Clarksburg facility.

Warren Shoemaker, Marketing Director for Creative Ag Products, stated, “We have a strong connection to Northern California and wanted to do our part to help in the recovery process.”

Dave Olson, owner of Sustainable Growing Solutions, stated, “As a fifth-generation farmer, our family has experienced the ongoing challenges of farming. We want to do what we can to help our fellow growers.”

Sustainable Growing Solutions is also donating 15% of its sales through the end of the year to the relief efforts through CA WineStrong

Please call or email Deac Jones at Andaman Ag for more details.