What makes your products different relative to other products offered in the market?

The history and commitment that our manufacturers have vested in their products. Many of our products have a considerable history of success in their developments. For example, the foliar fertilizers manufactured by Ecotech, LLC have been sold overseas for over 25 years. We’ve been espousing the virtues of using natural ingredients in our products well before the organic agricultural movement had taken hold.  We are very proud of that fact as we have competed for years overseas against chemical based fertilizer and delivered cost effective solutions with superior performance.

Dr. James Erickson, the founder of Ecotech LLC, for example, spent years working overseas for the U.S. government helping developing countries in very challenging environments (poor soil conditions, heat, drought, nutrient leaching, etc.) to produce higher quality agricultural products for export. These venues served as quasi lab environments for product testing where continual product refinements were being made to produce an end product that could be applied consistently, be cost effective and deliver the greatest performance impact. It was a very unique situation and an invaluable process that contributed significantly to the exceptional products that we offer today.

Our compost teas and WISEarth products are made by farmers for farmers. These are people that understand the land and growing crops. The compost teas that we produce today have no competition in the market in terms of their broad, complex and intense microbial composition.