Current Weather Pattern and Fruit Set

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The start of this growing season’s weather pattern has been unpredictable, and the recent overcast, wet and cool weather may result in poor fruit set. Cool temperatures can interfere with the development of pollen and pistil during the flowering process or with the development of the ovule after fertilization. If inadequate weather conditions persist, leaf photosynthesis may not proceed at an optimal rate, which will likely limit carbohydrate supply to the inflorescence or flower cluster. On average, 50% of the flowers within an inflorescence fruit set become berries.

Is there a way to hasten photosynthesis, to increase the carbohydrate supply and, hopefully, counterbalance less-than-optimal weather? Flavonoids have been shown to stimulate mycorrhizal spore germination and hyphal branching and to mediate allelopathic interactions between plants. Significant effects on photosynthesis and respiration are tied to allelopathic interactions. Once in the plant, flavonoids create, through biosynthesis, natural triggers to plant health including increased nutrient uptake.  Our product, CropBioLife (CBL), is a natural blend of organic flavonoid compounds extracted from plants and concentrated in a liquid spray. Applying a flavonoid product can help to hasten photosynthesis and push carbohydrate load.

Another means to support plants during fruit set is to capitalize on the natural organic matter found in ocean water, which contains fulvic acids, enzymes, proteins, growth stimulating factors and natural substances that support pest and disease resistance. Microbes from the sea experience diverse and changing conditions and as a result can survive in challenging conditions. This hardy microbial and micronutrient-loaded package produces root exudation, leading to greater nutrient uptake and resulting in leaf growth and greater photosynthesis. Root exudation increases the microbial activity near the plant’s root tips, contributing to the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients leading to faster growth and leaf developmentNo biological activity takes place without the presence of an enzyme, and enzymes require mineral co-factors. Our product, Sea-Crop, is a liquid concentrate foliar containing an abundance of elements and minerals from seawater that positively impact the exchange capacity in soils.

Finally, fish hydrolysates are packed full of natural proteins, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. They are natural chelating agents that make nutrients immediately available to plants and also stimulate soil microbes. Fish hydrolysates provide plants with a controlled level of nitrogen, a vital element for the production of chlorophyll (responsible for intercepting and capturing sunlight) and therefore increasing photosynthesis. Our product, Pacific Gro, is a cold processed fish hydrolysate which preserves the fats and oils that microbes thrive on, making the product very alive and enzymatic. It’s also packed with chitin from crab and shrimp shells, providing plants with a very available form of calcium. It’s typically applied via fertigation.

These exceptional products, applied together, can help accelerate a plant’s metabolism and growth by improving photosynthesis, root exudation and nutrient uptake. These product combinations increase the chances of a better fruit set.