Coffee and Cacao Seedlings

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crop: Coffee and Cacao Seedling
Result: Larger and leafier plants
Location: Santander, Colombia

A large-scale, independent controlled field study in Colombia, which involved 120,000 seedlings, investigated the potential for Agrostim to improve coffee seedling growth, vigor and survivability.
Results: The applications to the coffee and cacao resulted in more vigorous, larger and leafier plants than those in the control group. Agrostim-treated plants were ready for harvest 4 to 6 weeks earlier than the controls. Agrostim-treated plants could be field transplanted at a better time than the controls, ensuring the lowest winter mortality.

The Agrostim treated coffee seedling plants were more resistant to the pests and the stress caused by a lack of rain from El Niño. During the drought, the same product application schedule was maintained and the harvests of seedlings went normally without interruption or reduction to the overall quality of the coffee seedlings. In areas treated with standard synthetic chemicals, approximately 45%, seedling drought loss was experienced.

Following the study, the administrator converted the finca to use only Agrostim on the entire seedling, young and mature bearing trees.

Study Specifics

Species: Coffee arabica – Coffee

Location: Finca Palestina & Martinica, Municipio de Rionegro, Santander, Colombia (100km from west Coast of Colombia and 200km north of Ecuador) Altitude – 1,100-1,800 meters, Ave. temperature – 18-220C.

Dates: May 1996 – Aug 1997

Test Area: 20 hectares with 6,000 plants/hectare – total plants studied 120,000


Agrostim: 7.0 kg/ha/yr Agrostim soil and foliar applied in 3 increments
Control: 200 kg/ha/yr 20-20-20 (NPK) chemical fertilizer soil applied in 3 increments