When should I fertilize?

The timing of fertility input is critical. The earlier the better for crops coming out of dormancy. For example, as soon as the soil warms up at bud swell, we would recommend a ground application followed by a foliar application 3-7 inch. shoot growth. There have been...

Where is your product manufactured?

All of our products are made from ingredients sourced in North America. All manufacturing facilities are in North America with the majority in California.

Where do you buy your ingredients?

All of our exceptional raw materials are sourced from North America. These are relationships that have been established for a considerable amount of time as a tremendous amount of effort was made to locate only the best product raw materials available.

How long have you been selling your products?

We have been successfully selling our products overseas for over 20 years. We still maintain extensive product sales overseas. Our products deliver farmers the edge that they are looking for in the marketplace given their breadth of nutritional value for...
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