Andaman Ag partners with SeaNutri to sell Aquasap

Thursday, May 5, 2016

AQUASAP powder is the natural extract of cultivated red algae called “Kappaphycus Alvarezii”. AQUASAP powder is a rich natural source of pottassium and other natural nutrients. It provides a major boost to crop yields and stronger root system due to the acceleration of the plant’s metabolic function as a result of the plant’s increased nutritional uptake.

Aquasap is 100% pure seaweed powder that Certified Organic. The product:


  • Improves seed germination

  • Acts as natural soil conditioner

  • Improves microbial activity in soil

  • Creates a stronger root system

  • Produces healthier foliage and fruit apperance

  • Improves nutrient chelation

  • Increases the metabolic rate of plants

  • Acts a natural plant hormone

  • Certified as Organic per USDA (NOP Standards)