Company History

Founded by Deac Jones in 2008, ANDAMAN AG is the Master Distributor for Ecotech LLC, WISEarth Organics, Aussan Laboratories, Sustainable Growing Solutions, LLC and Nutri-Ag.

Mr. Jones grew up working on a ranch in Boise, Idaho. After finishing graduate school at University of San Francisco, he worked in S.E. Asia for many years establishing sales and distribution channels for agricultural products. He was employed by Connell Bros. Company, the overseas division of Wilbur-Ellis Company.  Coincidentally, Ecotech LLC was founded by Dr. James Erickson who previously worked in the commercial division of the U.S government and spent considerable time in S.E. Asia as well as Latin America in the 1960s and 70s.  At the time, the U.S. government was concerned about helping developing countries become more stable by growing higher quality, sustainable agricultural crops for export. Dr. Erickson was involved in evaluating local agricultural practices in order to make the appropriate recommendations to help farmers produce more consistent and productive crops. One of the primary challenges involved addressing poor soil conditions so that agriculture production could be sustained over generations.

When Dr. Erickson retired from the government in the 1990s to form Ecotech his objective was to develop products that could be improve areas with very poor soil conditions and significant concentrations of fungus and disease. In addition, the product needed to travel well and easy to be consistently and efficiently applied. The products also could not be detrimental to the environment by impacting water resources, agriculture, neighboring crops, etc. or pose any health risk to the farmer.

The products he developed have been used around the world, including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Colombia, Vietnam, the PRC, the Philippines, India, Singapore, Syria, Thailand, Guatemala and Malaysia.

ANDAMAN AG had worked with Dr. Erickson helping to establish distribution channels in Asia and after his passing, the company assumed the role of Master Distributor. This was the genesis of the company’s operation, selling Ecotech LLC manufactured products.

Today, Andaman Ag represents a number of manufacturers whose products are derived from the highest quality materials available sourced in North America. All products share the same objectives, to restore the soil to it’s original state similar to a green field that results the healthiest of plants and crop yields.