Aussan Laboratories is an Australian company and the manufacturer of CropBioLife, a flavonoid or secondary metabolite that improves overall plant health by inducing a systemic response leading to increased disease resistance. CropBioLife is an extremely unique and innovation product that is producing excellent results on all kinds of crops worldwide. The secondary metabolite pathway in plants influences color, flavor and disease resistance. As a result, CropBioLife improves ripening, color, skin strength and fruit and crop quality.

Ecotech LLC manufactures naturally derived fertilizers for foliar and soil application that are specifically designed to restore soil fertility through increased soil microbial activity critical to the natural processes in the soil for the conversion of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and sulfur into forms that can be utilized by plants.

All products are organic or conventional, packed with micro nutrients, chelates and trace elements in balanced, water-soluble concentrates of humate, kelp, yucca and extracts from hydrolyzed blood meal and hydrolyzed fish protein concentrates.

Sustainable Growing Solutions, LLC produces Metagrow Stable Compost Tea — an exceptional product using earthworm castings (no manure) that have been fed organic matter pre-composted using a thermophillic process. This process eliminates pathogens and kills any weed seeds that were in the organic matter. The earthworms eat the composted matter and turn it into a very rich soil additive. These castings are blended with green waste compost to ensure a diverse and abundant microbial population. The product has a shelf life of one year.

WISEarth Organics LLC is the manufacturer of specialty soil and foliar products focused on the restoration of the soil biology. The goal of the product combinations are to restore soil biology to the levels of a “green field.” Products possess expansive and diverse microbial populations to help plants process what’s already in the soil as well as improve the uptake efficiency process for the plant. In addition, they offer intense mycorrhizae products to help to expand the root zone and improve water usage.

NutriAg’s Enviro Line is a range of organic macro and micronutrient fertilizers for use in organic production. The Enviro Line uses NutriAg’s unique EAC technology composed of natural plant carbohydrates that chelates nutrients in a manner that makes them easily available to the plant.

NutriAg’s commitment is continued in its dedication to research, development, manufacture of state-of-the-art crop nutrients, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and spray adjuvants in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.

For thousands of years, earthworms have been associated with healthy soils and bountiful crops. This is both a cause and effect relationship. Earthworms are present because there is an ample supply of beneficial microorganisms in the soil and the soil is in good physical condition. Earthworm compost is the result of earthworms eating organic matter and soil microbes and, in the process, excreting castings that contain beneficial microbes, hormones, vitamins, and plant growth factors.

An organic fish fertilizer and has developed a unique cold processed hydrolysate of fish and micronized crab and shrimp shell. It’s rich in fish oil, marine nutrients and enzymes, which makes it highly bio-active in the soil.

· Increases plant Calcium levels, outperforming many conventional Calcium sources!
· Reduces additional soil Nitrogen inputs by stimulating nitrogen fixating bacteria
· Chitin feeds soil microbial life that deliver nutrients, and boosts plant defenses against pathogens
· Known to improve produce firmness, thus greatly enhancing quality
· Supplies a broad range of Macro and Micronutrients in chelated form
· Screened to 200 mesh

Aquasap is a 100% Organic Seaweed Powder Extract (shipped dry / 100% soluble) providing a natural source of potassium (35%). It’s a natural source of macro and micro nutrients and other growth promoters that improve overall crop quality. It’s versatile and easy to use promoting strong reproduction, fruit fill and finishing quality, including size and flavor. It can be applied by foliar or soil.

Crop Benefits

· Increased Yield
· Improved Seed Germination
· Natural Soil Conditioning
· Root System Expansion/Build-up
· Stress Resistance

Agro Research International (AGI) is an innovative manufacturer of natural and organic fungicides, insecticides, bactericides, virucides, herbicides, and plant nutrition products to promote soil and plant health.

The history of Agro Research International begins many years ago in Colombia. As part of a US, Canadian and Colombian initiative, the founder of AGI helped farmers transition from growing coca for illicit drugs to legal and profitable crops. A number of products were tested in the process and through a tremendous amount of research and trial, new products were developed that sent the company on it’s successful path.

Phyto-Catalyst’s® effectiveness is built upon the powerful bio-catalytic capabilities of the BOC composition formulas. The BOC products are based on a specially designed fermentation supernatant, derived from plants and minerals, which is then blended with surface modifying compounds, into a very powerful liquid concentrate.

SEA-CROP is a catalytic trigger that releases nature’s energy to give the full benefit of soil microflora symbiosis.

The Vital Earth VITAZYME division is extensively involved in the creation and marketing of agricultural biostimulants worldwide. Vitazyme reduces the need for application of nitrogen, a costly constituent of agricultural applications, and is now used worldwide in more than twenty-five countries. Customers and scientific studies throughout the world attest to the effectiveness of Vitazyme to enhance crop yields and improve food quality.

NuVia technologies Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of agricultural inputs, animal care products and fine chemicals. Our cutting-edge technologies provide innovative, unique solutions that improve product quality, safety and aesthetics for a wide range of agricultural/horticultural and animal care industries. At NuVia, we are committed to developing solutions based on the knowledge that sustainable chemistry is an integral part of today’s problem solving.

Recent News

A Message to Our Customers – Past, Present and Future

Hello Andaman Ag Blog Readers, I hope this finds you well and prospering! I have to apologize for sending out an aggregate sales email to everyone. I would much prefer to send you each an individual email, but that would require being chained to my desk/computer for the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to

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This Year, Resolve to Kick the Chemical Habit

Happy New Year! Andaman Ag would like to wish all of you a very successful new season! Maybe you saw the recent news about a California court stopping a state program that allowed pesticide spraying at schools, organic farms and backyards across California. The court cited inadequate public disclosure of the chemicals’ potential harmful effects.

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2017 Sustainable Ag Expo

Last week I was in San Luis Obispo attending the 2017 Sustainable Ag Expo. It is a very well run event and there were a number of excellent speakers. It’s a great place to meet with growers we work with from all around the state. Dr. Marc Fuchs, Plant Pathology Professor at Cornell University, spoke

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The Pest and Pathogen Carousel

I’m reading a book by Francis Chaboussou called “Healthy Crops.” The book has groundbreaking material, and all growers should give it a read. I would compare Chaboussou (although much less known) to Liebig, the German chemist who made major contributions to agriculture and biological chemistry and was considered the founder of organic chemistry. Chaboussou presents

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Customer Testimonials

I’m very pleased with the results this season and really believe in your products and program. I think that you have something special. We plan to expand your products application next season.

Sander Sheer, Hess Collection Winery

Andaman products (Agrostim and Supegrow) performed to high satisfaction as they always have. We plan to keep using them in the future. We observed encouraging results when applying the products at a very high rate under specific conditions. We should touch base on this sometime later.

Francisco J Araujo, Atlas Vineyard Management, Inc.

This is my 4th year using the product. We have expanded the use of Agrostim and other Andaman products on all managed blocks and varieties. I make 5 applications mixed with fungicides beginning with 6” of vegetative growth through bloom. I’ve reduced the use of other fertilizers and amendments since using Agrostim. I’m very pleased with the product and recommending it to other growers to use it as well. 2013 has produced very similar results to last season which are excellent quality and yield on Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Al Wagner, Clos Du Val